Close Enough Racing (CER) created by Justin Gaujenieks is comprised of a group of individuals with the same goal in mind, to enjoy working-on and driving cars.

For over 4 years our little TOYOTA MR-S has been a work in progress from back when it was still in stock form as a road registered vehicle to its transformation in March 2015 as a dedicated time attack car. This car has taken us through a whirlwind of emotions. We have poured our blood, sweat & tears in to her and as a team we compete at various levels from local track days to both World Time Attack Challenge and VIC Time Attack.

The team is always brain storming, retro fitting, creating/solving problems and conceptualizing ideas out of the norm with our very limited knowledge base and skill set, hence our motto “Close Enough”, because sometimes you just have to work with what you have.

The team attends as many circuit events as possible even if the MR-S isn’t ready we’ll take a substitute instead as long as we are having fun, smashing PB’s and getting seat time that's all that matters. The best part is that every member of our team participates in track days which leads to a greater knowledge base and many laughs both on and off the track.

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  • Amsoil
  • CMS Performance
  • RaceLine Motorsport
  • Competition Clutch

  • Pinnacle Customs
  • carbon-plus
  • Shockworks
  • Promax